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Some who feel let down by the system here and are leaving to explore better options and others acknowledge that there is no other country like this Canada and

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Left: European Muslims – The more wives the more benefits. An estimated 40% of Muslim youth in France and 50% in Germany are unemployed but far from destitute.

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Who would have ever thought that there would be so many successful immigrants? If you look at it from a surface

CASA de Maryland is a case study in the corrosive effects of political corruption and a reflection of our degenerating political class. This type of corruption

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Unlawful immigration and amnesty for current unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers.

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Yes, husband. I will suck off your buddy too. 21:39 min 809,968 views

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Express your feelings about whether you feel that immigrants should be deported and the effect it will have on the economy.

Easily and quickly used in the room out back. 28:14 min 528,614 views

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HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson was dragged unmercifully by Hillary Clinton’s supporters for equating slaves to immigrants in a speech last week. Clinton’s

See some “Bad Dudes” who you think are destroying America? Call Donald Trump’s newest creation, the VOICE (Victims Of Immigration Crime

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