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Tony’s hood. In order to toughen his son, Howard sent Tony to boarding college at the age of seven, much to Maria’s dismay. The following years, Tony learned of

The Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser, or simply the Dreadnaught, was a type of capital ship built

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Together, Invincible. Over 300,000 people are part of the Invincibles network.

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The Invincible Hero trope as used in popular culture. Heroes win. It’s a general rule of fiction. Sometimes, though, you want the hero to lose a few battles …

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Early life. Historians believe Subutai was born in the year 1175, probably just west of the upper Onon River in what is now Mongolia. He belonged to the Uriankhai clan.

Iron Man in The Invincible Iron Man #25 (June 2010). Art by Salvador Larroca.

O Magazine’s book recommendations for summer 2016.

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What Happens When You Get Pregnant In Your 20s, 30s, 40s. Age may be nothing but a number — but it does come into play when you’re expecting.

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