Latex Surfactant

Product Name: NP-9 SURFACTANT REGULAR Issue Date: 05/15/2012 Material Safety Data Sheet Nonylphenol Ethoxylate Product Name: NP-9 SURFACTANT REGULAR Issue Date: 05/15

Product Safety Assessment: DOWFAX™Anionic Surfactants Revised: June 16, 2015 The Dow Chemical Company Page 2 of 7 • DOWFAX™anionic surfactants are stable under

The alkyl sulfate (AS) bearing the C 16-18 hydrophobe gave a very stable latex with the smallest particle size. This is a reflection of a high efficiency in micelle

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Learn about exterior painting and the cause of surfactant leaching. Surfactant leaching can be caused by rain and is very curable with time.

Surfactant, Description: Aliphatic phosphate ester neutralized as a 25% active ammonium salt. Chemical Name: POLYOXYETHYLENE TRIDECYL ETHER PHOSPHATE, AMMONIUM SALT

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Micro-emulsion: Dispersion made of water, oil, and surfactant(s) that is an isotropic and thermodynamically stable system with dispersed domain diameter varying

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Use the Stepan Product finder to browse Stepan’s wide range of chemicals. Choose the chemical group, markets and applications, trade name or chemical description

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numberofdevelomentalresins and polymers were evaluated fromvarioussources (so lvent-based, aqueous dispersions, hybrids, copolymers), as well as standard

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Surfactant, Description: Extremely versatile. Moderate foaming. Good electrolyte tolerance, coupling properties and hard surface detergency. Useful in heavy-duty

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