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Funny jokes about married life. Best Husband and wife jokes to make your day. Jokes about funny side of married life of husbands and wives.

best urdu jokes.maa ne bete se kaha jao kitchen se garam masala le ao bacha wapas aya or bola maa kotchen mein to sare thande masale hn garam masala to koi bhe nae hai.

Urdu Funny Poetry : Everyone likes funny Urdu poetry. It is a collection of funny Poetry in Urdu. Enjoy these funny Urdu poems and Mazahia shayari.

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#GmShah استاد نے کلاس میں بچوں سے سوال کیا یہ بتاؤ کہ وہ کون لوگ ہیں جو نماز ادا نہیں کرتے؟

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Sexy Jokes. Collection of Sexy Jokes, Hilarious and Best Sexy Jokes, Short Dirty Jokes, Sex Jokes. These Jokes are also called Adult Sexy Jokes. Enjoy these Funny

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